Hostel Rules
  1. Principal will be the Chief Warden of all hostels.
  2. A Deputy Warden nominated by the Warden will reside in the hostel and will be in-charge of affairs of the hostel.
  3. Admission and removal of students from hostels are the matters solely within the discretion of the warden and his decision shall be final.
  4. College hostels are deemed part of the college. Serious offence in the hostel will warrant punishments in the college also.
  5. Inmates should keep their rooms neat and tidy.
  6. No inmate shall disfigure the rooms by writing on the walls or drawing picture or sticking bills or in any other manner.
  7. No inmate shall be absent from the hostel without the permission of the Deputy Warden.
  8. Inmates should report at roll call.
  9. Inmates should maintain complete silence during study hours.
  10. Students should devote study hours entirely for study in their rooms.
  11. During the leisure hours also they should maintain perfect order and discipline.
  12. Inmates shall behave with dignity in dining room and keep good table manners.
  13. Hostel dues of each month should be cleared in time. Defaulters’ name will be removed from thehostel roll.
  14. Attitude and relationship of residents with the employees of the hostel should be cordial and positive.
  15. Outsiders and day scholars shall not be allowed to stay in the hostel without the prior permission of Deputy Warden.
  16. Grievances, complaints or suggestions by the residents should be brought to the notice of the Deputy Warden.
  17. Ragging is a criminal offence and the names of accused will be forwarded to the police. They will be immediately dismissed from the hostel.
  18. Decisions of the Chief warden pertaining to all matters of the hostel will be final.