Premarital Counselling

Premarital Counseling Centre is an initiative of Directorate of Minority Welfare, Govt. of Kerala for the social and family upliftment of minority youth. Centre provides counseling courses to youth, preparing for marriage. The centre organizes four day counseling courses, including eight sessions related to various aspects of family life, such as social impact of family life, Husband- Wife relationship, Legal aspects of marriage , conflict management, Healthy sexual life, parenting and family budgeting etc. Students are also given chances to interact with family counselors, psychologists, advocates and other counseling experts.

Premarital Counseling Centre of MES Ponnani College inaugurated on 11th January 2019 by Sri. P Sreeramakrishnan the Honorable Speaker of Kerala, Dr. AB Moideenkutty, Director of Minority Welfare, Govt. of Kerala was the Chief Guest of the program. The centre focuses on premarital counseling among the youth in Ponnani locality. The centre organized 4 day counseling courses for two batches from 11th January to 14th January 2019.


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