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From the beginning of the college in 1968, Arabic was a second language to Pre-degree students. When the college upgraded to Degree college there was created an additional teaching post. Now Arabic is a common course to all departments of sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Management.


  •   Passing the legacy of Arabic language to the coming generation by way of going on with conducting and encouraging teaching and research
  •  Organizing and participating in seminars and conferences
  •  Promoting the students’ scientific, intellectual and critical thinking
  •  Going on with developing study plans in line with the requirement of quality education 



Impart the highest quality education in the field of Arabic language and literature to enable the students to attain mastery over Arabic language at par with those of native speakers in all respects



To make the department an internationally reputed centre of excellence in the field of Arabic language and literature capable of attracting the students and scholars of India and abroad with all amenities of the world standards